Monday, October 24, 2011

BEA Peaks Forward

A significant challenge for BookExpo has been delivering information on what is happening at BEA for the audience that it is intended or to the people that would be interested in the information.  Being candid, BEA has done a poor job of executing this historically.  There a lot of reasons, many of which were out of BEA's control - but that is not relevant going forward.  It is one thing to admit you have a problem - which BEA has had in terms of this issue - it is another thing to step up and fix what is wrong.  I promise you now - BEA will make this light years better.

BEA will do a number of new things for 2012 so the programming is more accessible, making  BEA more valuable for everyone that participates - both exhibitors & attendees.  

Here are a few of the planned changes:
  • The majority of BEA's programs will be completed and posted 60 days earlier.
  • BEA will have a new schedule making tool that will allow for a personal agenda of events to make your planning simple.
  • BEA will segment programs from the start so you can search in the areas that interest you and your business needs.
  • BEA sessions will identify what job titles or roles programs are intended to allow people to select session to learn new skills or to develop advanced skills.
  • The BEA website will be easier to navigate.
  • Most sessions will run 50 minutes to allow you to get to another session easier.
  • BEA will review the whole programs schedule to reduce and eliminate conflicts for similar programs.
 We won't be perfect, but we will strive for perfection.

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