Wednesday, October 19, 2011 Sets Traffic Record in September with Over 10 Million Unique Visitors

I saw this in the Mediabistro website FishBowlNY and thought it was interesting.  10 million unique visitors - that is boatload of web traffic!  I love NY Magazine - I subscribe to the hard copy and their online pop culture page Vulture.  It is always interesting and relevant.   

September was a historical month for New York, as its website topped 10 million unique visits for the first time. While that’s great news, the best part about it might be that about 90% of the users during that time were enjoying web-only content. That is because the digital verticals that make up have all become brands on their own.

Vulture has become a force in the pop culture world, Daily Intel is a great source for breaking news and politics (especially now that they have Jonathan Chait contributing), and The Cut has become a must read for commentary on the fashion industry. Not only are these blogs delivering quality, they don’t skimp on quantity either: Adam Moss recently said that publishes new content every six minutes during the week. Every six minutes!

With over 10 million visits it’s inevitable that some of those people end up becoming print subscribers, so beyond increasing digital ad revenue, those hits help the magazine’s numbers as well. New York appears to have found a winning strategy. Don’t be shocked if other titles follow its lead.

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