Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Follow Up Post to the Book Bloggers Convention at BEA Post

Hi Everyone:

There have been a number of comments with questions to my post earlier this week that I have not been able to reply to as of yet.  I was in NYC yesterday taking in the Giants parade with my sons and also needed to stop by Javits on BEA business - sort of like taking a day off and having a root canal for fun.  Well - while tethered to my Crapberry (lots of editorial today), which is good for e-mail, the web access is awful.  We will comb through the issues, update the Client Service group (the truly wonderful staff that handles our customer service calls) and get these problems fixed.  

I can't thank you enough for being patient with these glitches.  We were so anxious to get this news out, we thought we had taken care of all the issues, but clearly not.  I am extremely excited to share who the awesome Key Note speaker is, some new formats to the program and our BEA Bloggers Conference new logo - I will get most done by Friday.  

THANK YOU ALL (again) for your patience, we are eager to take care of you and will get it done right. 

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