Friday, February 10, 2012

Invoking Crazy Eddie for BEA Bloggers - A Crazy Deal for Blog World

This will not be the last post about the BEA Bloggers Conference as we will have more cool news to share in the next 2 weeks with session titles, naming speakers and a couple of format tweaks that I think people are going to love. 

This post is about a truly insane deal for BEA Blogger Conference registrants that want to upgrade to get the full BlogWord Conference pass - see the full explanation below from the great Rick Calvert, BlogWorld CEO.  Right now (until February 21st) - you can upgrade into a full BlogWorld conference pass for $12.00 - that is crazy!!  The only thing you will need to do is complete you BEA registration 1st and then provide BlogWorld with your BEA Confirmation Number.  This is a manual process, so bear with us as we work this out - it should go smooth, but that is what we thought when we got the BEA Bloggers reg running and that was awkward to say the least.   Rick's note is below.

Hi guys,

I thought I should weigh in here and further clarify Steve's post.  The pricing for BlogWorld and book expo is a bit different.  If you are attending as a blogger you want the Blogger and Podcaster pass at BlogWorld.

Our Blogger and Podcaster pass includes three full days of conference sessions with 200 speakers, the exhibits and entry to all of our parties. Here are the prices:

Before Feb 22 $147

Between Feb 23 and March 15 $197
Between Feb 16 and May 22 $297
After May 22 $397

If you have already registered for the BEA Bloggers Conference you just pay the difference between the BEA pass and the BlogWorld pass.

So if you register by Feb 22, it will cost you $12 bucks to upgrade to the Blogger and Podcaster Pass.
  • Between Feb 23 and March 15 $62.
  • Between March 16 and May 22 $162.
  • After May 22 then it is $262.

Yes we use a different registration vendor than Book Expo and as Steve says we are working out the details on how to accomplish your pass upgrade but Steve's team is available to answer your questions and get you registered.

I will be monitoring this thread and will answer any other questions that you have.

We hope to see you all in New York!

Rick Calvert
CEO & Co-founder
BlogWorld & New Media Expo


  1. How do we hook up with groovy bloggers at BEA? Curious minds want to know!

    1. We will be organizing opportunities once we have the programming set. We are close to 100 registrations already and look forward to getting things well organized so people can plan appropriately.

  2. I registered for BEA, so how do I get the hook-up for my upgrade? fromleft2write at gmail dot com

  3. Reach out to BlogWorld and provide them with your BEA confirmation number. If you have a problem e-mail me directly and I will connect you with their reg manager. My e-mail is

    1. I emailed registration on the 20th. I'm sending you a follow up email. My email address is fromleft2write at gmail dot com. Thanks!

    2. I am so sorry for the delay - I have been either out of the office or stuck in meetings way too much lately. Did we take care of you? If not, please e-mail me directly and I will make sure you get taken care of. Thanks for being patient. My e-mail: