Friday, May 17, 2013

Advice Stephen King gave to Neil Gaimen

Someone shared this with me today, I saw myself where Neil Gaiman saw himself 15 years ago and I have decided I am going to save myself those 15 years and just start to enjoy things now....

Neil Gaimen: On advice he got from Stephen King

"What I said in the speech, and what I say in the book, is the most important piece of advice I was ever given that I didn't pay attention to and I wished that I had, came in 1992 from Stephen King at a signing I did in Boston for a Sandman book called Season of Mists. And he came down. He saw the lines stretching around the block. He wanted to take me out for dinner, but the signing wasn't done until 10:30 at night. And I wound up in his hotel room with Steve and his family, and he said, you know, 'This is really wonderful, this is special. You should enjoy this. Just make a point of enjoying it.'

"And I didn't. I worried about it. I worried it was going to go away. I worried about the next story. I worried about getting things done. And there was a point, a good 15 years after that, where I finally started to relax. And I look back and I thought, you know, I could have enjoyed it. It all went just fine; my worrying about anything didn't change anything. ... I should have enjoyed it."


  1. That is some hard earned wisdom. Perhaps you just can't listen until you are ready.

    I see gaps like that all the time.


  2. "Just make a point of enjoying it." Neil Gaimen and Steve Rasato, go for it.

  3. It's Neil GAIMAN. Not "Gaimen".